Income Taxes
Income Taxes

We offer complete compliance services in virtually all areas of taxation. However, the true value of our services rests in consulting using insights way beyond mere compliance filings. We represent our clients before tax authorities even taking over any issues that previously arose with new clients. State and local taxation and related planning has grown to impact most of our clients with many savings opportunities. More and more taxpayers are affected by alternative minimum tax (AMT), the new net investment income tax (NIIT) and various tax benefit phase-outs. It is not enough for us to merely understand these rules so we pride ourselves on helping our clients understand how they are affected and why. Areas of expertise include individual, partnership, trusts of all types, estate, gift, corporation and for many of our clients’, family limited partnerships.

Family Office Services
Family Office Services

Management of financial affairs as well as routine daily operations for our client families presents unique issues and needs. From bill paying to records management, our services span from assistance to being a total family office. We assist on a personalized, mutually developed approach, the furthest thing possible from “one size fits all.”

Estate, Gift and
Estate, Gift and <br />Generation-Skipping <br />Taxes

Maximizing wealth transfer while minimizing transfer taxes involves planning when accumulating wealth strategies when preparing the estate, gift or fiduciary income tax returns.  Our expertise level includes being essential tax department for various banks and law firms.  We work cooperatively with client’s legal counsel to get the best results for our mutual clients. When ensuring goal alignment of all advisors involved our client’s benefit is maximized.

Other services
Other services

There are various areas that simply don’t fit neatly into our main service categories. The most common of those are:

• Business consulting

• Personal financial planning

• Retirement plans

• Education funding

• Succession planning

Concierge Services
Concierge Services

Concierge services are one of the most unique aspects of our company.  We pride ourselves on providing extra insights, resources and contacts to our clients. A few examples include:


• Contacts in the world of aviation and boats, such as ocean going yachts

• Meeting with investment advisors during selection

• Acting as a fiduciary

• Resource for elder-care, home repair, various tradesmen, insurance of all types, home inspections

• Our clients with unusual needs simply ask us “who we know.”