Friedman + Huey’s Customized Services.

Your life doesn’t always fit neatly in a box.

Sometimes you wear multiple hats. Other times an exciting opportunity or experience knocks at your door, and you stretch yourself to pursue it. This is, of course, what keeps life interesting.

To support you across all endeavors, we offer a range of specialty services:

+ Charities and Nonprofits

+ Executive Services

+ Financial Planning

+ Social Security Analysis and Planning

+ Business Consulting

+ Personal Financial Planning

+ Retirement Plans

+ Education Funding

+ Succession Planning

Let us help you acheive your goals.

Resource Articles

Year-End Presents from Congress

As we start the new year, and we wish you a wonderful year, it is an opportunity to look at some year-end “presents” from Congress. This is not a sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek comment. These can be some real presents and the fit isn’t too bad. Here are some “presents”...

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World Traveler

Pat Burke


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Amateur mystery sleuth

Cathy Cheng


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Waiting for the Starship Enterprise to beam him up

Elliott Friedman


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Freshwater Angler and Outdoorsman

John Basick


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Has shown dogs at Westminster

David Perry


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