Brianna Matura, MST

Senior Manager

Brianna began working at F+H in 2013 as an intern. She specializes in working with high-net-worth individuals and families, as well as business owners creating and implementing income tax strategies. Brianna is a leader in the Firm’s technology efforts, ensuring the software and solutions stay up-to-date, creating efficiency for all the Firm’s clients and helping to shape the overall client experience.

Brianna serves as a subject matter expert on both Thomson Reuter’s GoSystem Tax Advisory Board and the SurePrep, LLC Advisory Board. Through these roles, she provides feedback on development and enhancement opportunities within their product offerings and ensures the Firm is at the forefront leveraging technology.

When she’s not at work, Brianna is with her husband and family, including their two dogs and two cats. She spends a lot of time camping, favoring spots in Michigan and lake vacations. In the future, she is looking forward to training her Golden Retriever, Pearl, to be a therapy dog.

Areas of Expertise:

Our partners and staff are committed to quality, it is the cornerstone of everything we do. We take pride in establishing long-lasting client relationships and receiving new client referrals. We are known for innovative thinking and accuracy; our answers are creative, well researched, and correct.


We are proactive in our approach and bring a wealth of expertise to each client relationship. Because most of our partners are also teachers, having taught at local universities or professional societies and various forums, we are up to date on tax law issues and we bring the most current information to each engagement.


We take pride in our availability. We are there for our clients, in person and when and where they need us. Because the engagement team remains the same, you will talk to someone who knows your individual situation and understands your concerns each time you call. Our partners are ultimately involved in all aspects of each engagement and do not merely act as figurehead leaders.


Because we are a medium-sized firm, we take pride in our ability to tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We recognize that each engagement is unique and we thoroughly investigate each situation to provide a customized approach.