Friedman & Huey is not your typical CPA firm.

That’s because there’s no such thing as a typical client. Your financial situation is entirely unique to you. And it will likely evolve over time.

You need a CPA firm that can support you today and tomorrow – one that gives you access to a broad and varied slate of expertise. At Friedman + Huey, you’ll find tax and business consulting experts and personal financial specialists. Whether you need help determining the impact of tax law changes, untangling a business issue, minimizing taxes on your estate, or even managing your family office, we’re here to serve and guide you.

Speaking of service, it’s something we’re able to do particularly well thanks to our status as a mid-sized firm. Since 1985, we’ve delivered the multi-faceted expertise of a large firm without the red tape and hefty fees that often come with it. You can expect quick answers, personal service, and all-hands-on-deck support for whatever comes your way.

Yes, we are CPAs. But we are also advisors who help you leverage your own knowledge and talents to uncover new opportunities. If you’re ready to envision what’s possible for you and your family, contact us today.

Exceptional expertise, available to you.

Out of more than 40,000 CPA firms across the U.S., the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) named Friedman + Huey a Group of 400 (G400) honoree. This distinction recognizes our status as one of the 500 largest CPA firms in the country by number of AICPA members. The AICPA separates the country’s 100 largest CPA firms into a separate group called the G100. The G400 represents the next 400 largest CPA firms. There are only about 20 G400 firms in all of Illinois.

Fast facts.


Friedman + Huey has 30 fully licensed Certified Public Accountants on our team.

Languages Spoken

Friedman + Huey speaks many languages…including yours! Over 20 members of our team speak a total of 13 different languages. From Spanish to Polish, and even Urdu and Gujarati, our team has you covered.

Years Experience

Wondering just how experienced our team is? From Partners to Associates, our team members bring a combined 1200+ years of experience to the table.

Women Team Members

Friedman + Huey team is proud to have 43 women on our team, who bring valuable insight to the firm and our clients.

Started as Intern

We take pride in our interns and emphasize the importance of providing them with real-world experience. So much so, that 32 of our current full-time employees began their time at Friedman + Huey as interns.


Our clients are from all of the U.S. and even further! Our client base spans from 45 different states and 27 countries.


Because many of our partners are also adjunct professors and continuing education instructors, we’re at the leading edge of tax and other regulations impacting our clients. The result: You get tax advice that considers the nuances of the current legislature, as well as potential changes.


We’re there for you, when and where you need us. Because your service team remains intact, you’ll talk to a CPA who knows your situation every time.


As a mid-sized firm, we seamlessly tailor our services. With a diverse mix of tax and financial expertise in our ranks, we’re able to meet your needs as they evolve.

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